The Foundling

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Rumour had it your mother was a duchess who lay down with a baker’s boy, for shame. My mother, so they say, ran with wolves...

Through mobile technology, mixed reality, AI and spatial sound, wetnurse of a 1,000 children, Hopegood Shakespeare climbs into your home. You were once one of the foundling children she nursed and, because there are men at her gate and time is running out for her, she urgently needs to tell you your history before it is lost forever...

The Foundling is a solo tabletop theatre experience, enabled through different objects delivered to your home, that blends a haunting, gothic fairy tale with fact. It is designed as a story prequel to The Undrowned, a large-scale live immersive theatre experience scheduled for 2021.

In this early period of research, development and prototyping Raucous has been awarded funding by Creative XR as part of a cohort of twenty other creative/design teams exploring exactly how immersive can be implemented in the creative industries.

CreativeXR was designed to allow the best creative teams to develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content using virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies.

The Foundling is generously funded by CreativeXR. CreativeXR exists not only to help UK talent develop new immersive experiences, but importantly to encourage the development of new business models, production methods and distribution techniques to allow these experiences to reach audiences.