Expanded Performance

Re-writing the rulebook for live performance audience communications.

As part of Bristol+Bath’s Creative Clusters, Raucous is an industry partner on the Expanded Performance pathway that is exploring concepts of liveness and togetherness in the context of current innovations in technology

Our research and development will consider how digital technology can change the ideas of traditional marketing tools so that they can be more interactive, surprising, innovative and act as a starting engine for the story itself

Raucous’ Director of Communications, Claire Skelcey, is researching how we might introduce new creative ways of communicating with an audience in the run-up to a live theatre experience. In this digital age, how can we reinvent flyers and posters so that they take on a life of their own and act as a portal to the story worlds we are building?


How can the rulebook for live performance audience communications be re-written so the storytelling is expanded and extended using mixed-reality?

This project is generously funded by Bristol+Bath Creative R+D, a new collaboration that aims to raise the bar for the region’s creative industries. The five-year programme seeks to forge connections and partnerships in Bristol and Bath, sharing knowledge, creating crossovers and even greater opportunities in what’s already one of the most vibrant clusters in the UK.