Infernal Engines

How do writers for games and writers for live performance collaborate?

Raucous Exchanges - Session 3
Thursday 12 August (4-6.15pm UK time)

There has been much discussion of late around how games and theatre are exploring the same spaces around immersive narratives. As these two cultures start to lean in toward each other, what can they learn from each other, and what new stories can be told when they collaborate? What is their shared notion of the role of the audience in their story worlds and what does the word immersion mean to them?

This session will be led by Raucous’ Creative Director, Sharon Clark, and acclaimed writer for games Kristen McGorry.

About Kristen McGorry
I have been in video games for the last 15 years, helping to create immersive, interactive stories and experiences. I have had the privilege of working on some great narrative driven franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed and Fable. As well as some smaller indie virtual reality projects such as a Warhammer and a b-movie Zombie shooter. Previously to games my passion for storytelling started in the theatre. I wrote and directed a number of plays and loved pushing the boundary between audience and actors with more interactive theatrical experiences. My play The Séance about the friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini featured considerable audience participation, including a ‘live’ séance on stage.

The workshop will be delivered via Zoom, details will be in your booking confirmation email.

WHO ARE THESE WORKSHOPS FOR? Writers, theatre makers, students and anyone who is curious about how their stories and work may shift or expand when they look to work with a range of diverse disciplines and collaborators.

The sessions are part workshop, part masterclass and will enable you to consider your own practice/writing whilst engaging with Raucous and international collaborators to openly share skills, challenges and knowledge.

The sessions will be divided into creative practice discussions and case study sharings, with participation through tasks and discussion.

DATE & TIME Thursday 12 August 4pm - 6.15pm (UK time)

PRICE - Pay what you can*
*We have made this event Pay What You Can to make it accessible to everyone, but ask that you support the speakers and Company fittingly so we can continue to provide this kind of work. Thank you.
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Max 50 participants