Memory Bar

A collaboration with Thomas Buckley and Society of Cocktails

Raucous was invited to collaborate on this beautiful project with technology artist, Thomas Buckley.

Memory Bar is a series of theatrical cocktail nights with a difference that see guests enjoy a tasting menu of bespoke cocktails inspired by people’s real memories brought to life through a multisensory live-art performance.

Guests were invited to spend an evening stepping into another person's life as sound, smell and taste offer up surprising twists on life stories collected from real people who live in Jersey.

Designed by artist Thomas Buckley (Royal Shakespeare Company fellow) with narrative by Raucous' Creative Director Sharon Clark, these events offered a new way of seeing how we might share our histories and understand ourselves as part of a wider community. Through perfume, immersive technologies and storytelling, Memory Bar will be a unique blend of cocktail bar and theatre show.