Raucous Exchanges

A new on-line workshop space

Raucous Exchanges is an on-line workshop space for the exploration of writing for performance and building immersive stories with creative technology.

Raucous’ work is shaped by its exploration with collaborators and we are frequently invited to share our methods with fellow creatives. The Exchanges sessions have been created in response to the demand from writers and theatremakers wanting to explore and experiment with new tools and technology. They have been designed to be delivered with industry professionals, surveying how storytelling worlds might evolve when new tools are used to build narrative, evoking a more heightened and immediate experience for an audience.

These workshops are for those writers/theatremakers who are curious as to how their narratives might shift or expand when they work with a range of diverse disciplines.

The sessions are part workshop, part masterclass and will enable you to consider your own practice/writing whilst engaging with international collaborators to openly share skills, challenges and knowledge.

Each session will last two and a quarter hours and will be held digitally through Zoom. The sessions will be divided into creative practice explorations and case study sharings, with participation through tasks and discussion.

Bring your curiosity as we look forward to meeting you in our Raucous Exchanges.

If you have any specific access requirements, please email our producer Lukus at hello@lukusrobbins.co.uk .

Session 1 Thursday 24 June
Animating the Inanimate - Sharon Clark & Tom Metcalfe
Writing for live performance with object-based technology

Session 2 Thursday 8 July
Ghosts in the Machine - Sharon Clark & Helen Skiera
Narrative building through binaural sound

Session 3 Thursday 12 August
Infernal Engines - Sharon Clark & Kristen McGorry
How do writers for games and writers for live performance collaborate?

Session 4
Thursday 26 August
Causing a Scene - Sharon Clark
Building the narrative necklace

“It was truly fantastic to work with a company who know so clearly what they want to achieve and are so dedicated to creating a space for experimentation and play along the way.”
Christopher Elson, Actor, The Stick House

Our heartfelt thanks to Arts Council England and The National Lottery for making Raucous Exchanges a reality by awarding us emergency funding during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks also to Bristol VR Lab for their support and help.