Raucous Sprints

Explorations in creativity with our collaborators

Raucous is a network of creative and technological collaborations. Some of our collaborators have been working with us since the first moment we dreamt the company up, others have only just joined us on our journey. In our process there is invariably several periods of time when we all need to come together to kick-start ideas off, interrogate process and dream up the final production.

In order to do this crucial creative laboratory work we build a series of sprints; periods of concentrated time where we start to imagine what the show could be, share inspirations and start the conversations that lead to a completed workbook of ideas and provocations.

These sprints culminate in a creative sharing with colleagues, peers and critical friends to solicit their initial thoughts, comments and feedback. We then capture the experiences of the artists and the test audiences in short films that we broadcast on social media.

These are then broadcast further when we talk about them during our regular Raucous Evenings – open events with invited public where we share our thinking, what we have discovered, what has excited us and where we need to go next, taking our audiences with us as we build the next show.

Our heartfelt thanks to Arts Council England and The National Lottery for making these Sprints a reality by awarding us emergency funding during the Covid-19 pandemic.