The Lantern Room Project

A Synchronised Trans-Atlantic Production

In an innovative new international collaboration, Raucous is working with Canadian immersive theatre company Lost & Gone, exploring the development of a simultaneous cross- Atlantic production, with a view to creating a ground-breaking new piece of theatre in 2023. The production will use technology and mixed realities to make storytelling more emotional, visceral and immediate.

Both companies are driven by immersing an audience in their storytelling, creating shows in found spaces, such as railway tunnels or derelict swimming pools and exploring how live performance can be reimagined when we use different creative technology tools.

The resulting production will use original music, projection mapping, film, smell, digital technology, augmented reality and AI to build a rich, visceral story world. This production will be performed simultaneously between Toronto and Bristol and where, despite the time difference, the audience will affect the storytelling in the other city.

Working Questions

Lost & Gone is a collective of artists based in Canada who create unconventional immersive worlds rooted in rich storytelling and bubbling with intricate design.

The team of artists are game changers, constantly exploring new ways to engage and captivate audiences. Collaboration and curiosity are vital to who they are and how they work.

They turn spaces into multi-sensory worlds often inspired by familiar stories and cult classics. Experts in both large and small scale activations, they’ve animated hidden gems in cities, empty buildings slated to be torn down, and enormous warehouses in Europe.

The Team

Creative Director - Sharon Clark (UK)
Creative Director - Ruthie Luff (Canada)
Creative Technology Designer - Jack Hardiker (UK)
Production Manager / Object Designer - Jake Gow (Canada)
Sound Designer - Helen Skiera (UK)
Set Designer - Hannah Wolfe (UK)
Lighting Designer - Katy Morrison (UK)
Composer - Gavin Whitworth (Canada)
Producers - Amanda Fawcett (UK)
Adam Lawler (Canada)
Comms and Management - Claire Skelcey (UK)
Marketing - Jo Richardson (UK)
Trainee Producer - Hannah Stratford (UK)

With huge thanks to Arts Council England and Bristol+Bath Creative R+D who have generously funded this research and development period.