The Prick & The Sting

A new immersive audio experience

An industrial British city in the south,
the Century before the Century before last.
We have landed in a theatre that is battered and bruised but still showing some fighting spirit.

In a dressing room, whose only window opens onto a tanning factory, we find Jesse Byrne - actress, terrible singer, gambler and maverick.

Every night, aided by her young apprentice Tilly, she takes to the stage to turn a gentleman’s head and maybe to open his wallet. She and Tilly are at the end of a brutal tour of industrial Northern towns making the money that will take them to a new life in a new country where the lights are brighter, the applause is louder and the coin more abundant. But desperation has many faces and sometimes what we want isn’t always as shiny as it promises…

And that’s when she made her move.
And I sort of saw it coming if I’m honest.
But had no idea what it would lead to.

Close your eyes and you’ll be there, sitting in that dusty theatre, in that secret laden dressing room as the fable of Jesse and Tilly comes tumbling out of the walls around you.

You will need headphones. For the best experience, use over the ear headphones.

The Prick & The Sting is a new immersive audio experience fusing narrative, binaural sound, original music and online technology. Binaural sound is akin to 3D sound - with a pair of headphones you can hear footsteps pace above you, hear voices argue below you and virtually feel the breath of Tilly’s whisper on your cheek. The Prick & The Sting creates a very real, expansive and sensory encounter that can be experienced in whatever place or space you choose.

This experience has been created with and for blind and partially sighted audiences.

Strong language and adult themes throughout so may not be suitable for everyone.

Creative Team

Writer & Director - Sharon Clark
Sound Artist- Helen Skiera
Digital Technology Artist - Jack Hardiker
Composer - North Sea Navigator
Producer - Harriet Bolwell
Access Consultant - VocalEyes


Tilly - Rona Morison
Jesse - Jessica Clark
William Bennet Brown - Christopher Bianchi
Various Roles - Liam Murray Scott and Rose Skiera

When: May - June 2022. This show has now closed.
Online, so anywhere you choose. You will need headphones.

Our heartfelt thanks to Arts Council England for making The Prick & The Sting a reality by awarding us emergency funding during the Covid-19 pandemic.