What we do

Immersive storytelling and creative technology

Raucous is an ever-evolving collective of theatre makers, technologists and designers who investigate how theatre can be made more immediate, urgent and immersive for an audience.

Together we harness different creative cultures and practices to build and tell stories that are vibrant, vital and visceral, creating theatre stories that have digital technology sewn into their very narrative fabric, underscored by original music, film and performance.

We explore how each beat of the story can be delivered in the most immediate way – whether that be by smell, live action, directional sound, wearable technology, music or augmented reality. However, the story is always the thing – it drives every decision we make and every direction we take.

“We were contacted by Raucous to share their view of theatre re-imagined. We were really impressed by their intention to push the boundaries of live performance for audiences, and spent some time with them exploring the potential of digital and creative technology in theatre... they have a compelling story and the ambition to create something truly new.”
Google Creative Lab – Steve Vranakis,Executive Creative Director