Ice Road

Winter 2017

1942. Leningrad.
The enemy is at the gate.
The wind howls.The snow falls.
The winter of starvation has begun...

The German army has besieged the Russian city of Leningrad and the citizens trapped inside struggle to survive the constant bombing and rampant food shortages. In the ruins of an old orphanage four feral young strangers are compelled to join forces in order to survive. For them the ice road, that zig zags across the frozen Lake Ladoga, is the closest thing to a heaven and the brooding ominous munitions factory, with the rumours of a baba yaga, close to a hell. And when the munitions factory groans and shifts and tilts, children go missing...

Fusing Russian folklore and historical witness accounts, Ice Road uses performance, creative technology, original music, film, smell and robotics to tell an immersive story of the children war leaves behind.

Dates and venue to be announced shortly.

The Stick House

7 Sept – 17 Oct 2015

When I was 12 my father lost me to the Beast at a game of cards…

In a country not so far away, in a time not far from our own, Marietta is about to turn 21. With a great howling from the forest and lilies left outside her house made of sticks, the beast marks his territory and waits to claim his prize. But now things are different. Now her love lies elsewhere. So there is no way she will go willingly.

Where do you hide when the beast comes to your door?

The Stick House is a dark gothic fable fusing film, music, performance and creative digital technology spinning a tale of love found, betrayals made and hearts laid bare in an astonishing and captivating theatre journey deep in the tunnels beneath Bristol. A beautiful, compelling theatre adventure that will make you hold your breath…

Lucy May Rothwell / Edith Woolley
Gareth David-Lloyd
Christopher Elson

The Stick House features an extraordinary theatrical mix, with projection mapping by Limbic Cinema (WOW stage @ Glastonbury; Cambridge University Projections; Cosmic Expansions for RBMA), robotics by Kyle Harini (The Book Hive), puppetry by Elizabeth Johnson (The Book Hive), film by Jack Offord (Bristol Old Vic, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse) and an original score by Tim X Atack (Sleepdogs). Directed by Anna Ledwich (Hampstead Theatre, Gate Theatre), designed by Conor Murphy (Royal Opera House, Royal Swedish Opera, The Abbey Theatre) and with an extraordinary script by Sharon Clark (Bristol Old Vic, Theatre 503, NT Studio).